Ma'adi bin Masoud Al-Hajri

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mani companies​

Mani Companies.. A symbol of giving with investment aspirations

Since the foundation, for more than 30 years, we have taken in Mani and its subsidiaries a clear approach that combines trade and social responsibility, and it based on leadership, professionalism and creating added value

Thankfully, we succeeded in provide a distinguished experience in our sectors that varied between contracting, collection, employment, maintenance and urban development, and we were known as a national facility that works according to an ambitious future vision that invests in unique community contributions

Ma'adi bin Masoud Al-Hajri

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mani companies


Fixed focus and solid determination in exploring the unknown in a pioneering spirit



Unprecedented commitment to our word and adherence to strict moral standards



A complete commitment to transparency and credibility in our dealings towards others


Achieving excellence is a deeply held behavior we have in all of the work we do

Mani companies

Mani Company for Debt Collection

A Saudi company that has a work team with highly practical experience and a theoretical knowledge and legal knowledge in the field of debt collection


Mani for security guards

Comprehensive and integrated security services for all government sectors and private sectors, and we have a team of security experts.


Mani for Operation and Maintenance

Maintenance, operation and provision the best qualified cadres with the leasing system, management and operation of the industrial, commercial, medical and educational facility

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Mani contracting company

We meet all the needs in the field of contracting, taking into account the wishes and requirements of our customers accurately and professionally, investing in this young and capable Saudi energies and providing distinctive services

Mani International Company

We work to provide towing services, garaging and customer service in all regions of the Kingdom on demand, as we also provide warehouses equipped with a 24 -hour distance control system

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