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Metal Industry

MANI Metal Industry has a strong commitment to manufacture Expanded Metal. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing metal products for the vast Industrial Segment of Saudi Arabia. Our success is built on a Strong Commitment to our customers’ needs to yield results to meet the market demand and quality. Our key behind having a successful track record is our strong team of experienced professionals and dedication to supply superior quality. With our recent investment in acquiring the latest technology, enables us to be a cost effective producer.

Our products cater to a wide range of customers and we offer the advantage of specialized design and customization, delivering the accurate tooling options and methods of manufacture each time. All of our Products are manufactured according to the International Specifications & Standards of ASTM, B.S.S. AND DIN as per the customers’ requirements.

The basic types of Expanded Metal Products are standard (regular or raised), flattened, gratings, architectural or decorative meshes and fine meshes. These products have many applications for enclosures, protection, support, decoration, filtration, grills, walkways, furniture, etc. These products are produced from Hot Rolled Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Stainless steel, Pre Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, a verity of copper, nickel, silver and titanium alloys, many other ferrous and non ferrous metals.